HP / HT Production Logging Tools

Surface Read Out & Memory Tools

The Severn Glocon Technologies HPHT (“Pro-Log XXX”) production logging tools (PLT’s) are based upon many years of successful experience in developing and supplying tools to the geothermal industry where 350°C is normal. These memory-based tools have been adapted to oil field applications with Surface Read Out telemetry packages and additional sensor options.

All version of the tools use high reliability, intermediate temperature capable electronic systems (typically 165°C) packaged into Severn Glocon Technologies’ high performance heat shields. Field proven over many operations and 1000’s of downhole hours, the tools offer high performance and reliability in extreme HPHT environments.

“Pro-Log 150μS” Ultra-slim PLT’s

Based on the HPHT “Pro-Log” PLT system, the internal electronic systems (on 18mm circuit boards) is repackaged into a slim, 1” housing without any additional thermal protection giving a 150°C temperature limit.

Offering the same sensor performance specification as in other “Pro-Log” PLT’s, the “Pro-Log 150μS” can be run either as a conventional wireline tool or in memory mode for slick-line applications. With either mode of operation the Pro-Log surface software package interfaces with the tool permitting full control over the logging parameters and data capture or download.

“Pro-Log XXX” Memory tools

Using custom developed low power electronic systems the memory tools use low lithium battery packs to operate for extended periods of time. The battery type offers substantial safety benefits over conventional lithium batteries.

Data from the sensors is recorded into FLASH memory for security with typically 2,000,000 data set capacity. The profile of data recording in terms of data rate, sensor selection and recording periods can all be preset using “Pro-Log” the Severn Glocon Technologies developed software suite. After logging the data is downloaded via “Pro-Log” to a conventional laptop or PC for later analysis.

“Pro-Log XXX” Surface Read Out Tools

By removing the battery and memory module and substituting the telemetry module, the “Pro-Log” tools can be operated as a conventional SRO PLT transmitting data to the surface system under the command of the “Pro-Log” software suite that includes a data display function.

Surface Software – Pro-Log

Pro-Log is the software package developed for use with the range of Pro-Log tools whether memory or SRO. Pro-Log allows the tool to be setup for memory logging in a way that maximises the memory and battery capacity by only taking data from the selected sensors when required. Thus when running in-hole it may be that temperature, pressure and CCL data are required and after a selected time delay flow added or just pressure alone. Multiple combinations of sensor and time can be set.

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